Sunday, 1 December 2013

when a HoLidAY doesn't sounds like hoLidaY %$#&

i always dream of an ideal holiday.having fun somewhere with my family without thinking of others' thing. free from hospital, free from those therapies..sigh..(i know that's not going to happen so early..)

it's a school holiday. before it's begin, i heard my friends telling me they are going here and there.i knew my school holiday will never be the same like others..because my school holiday is packed with my hospital routine..and that was %$#@^


i have 6 appointment at HUKM and the other 3 at Gleneagles. Besides i have my music class every saturday. so i don't have time to have fun. lucky ibu and ayah did bring me out to game center, eat good food..well,that's better than nothing aite?

oh, i did my development test. it wasn't good enough. i am delayed 1 and half years, meaning that my development is just the same like my lil sister, Amni -.-'

p/s: guess i need to struggle more..

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