Sunday, 1 December 2013

when a HoLidAY doesn't sounds like hoLidaY %$#&

i always dream of an ideal holiday.having fun somewhere with my family without thinking of others' thing. free from hospital, free from those therapies..sigh..(i know that's not going to happen so early..)

it's a school holiday. before it's begin, i heard my friends telling me they are going here and there.i knew my school holiday will never be the same like others..because my school holiday is packed with my hospital routine..and that was %$#@^


i have 6 appointment at HUKM and the other 3 at Gleneagles. Besides i have my music class every saturday. so i don't have time to have fun. lucky ibu and ayah did bring me out to game center, eat good food..well,that's better than nothing aite?

oh, i did my development test. it wasn't good enough. i am delayed 1 and half years, meaning that my development is just the same like my lil sister, Amni -.-'

p/s: guess i need to struggle more..

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

scHooL HoLiday meanS...

1.educatioNaL trip to Farm In The City (FITC) Seri Kembangan

Value for money ..... ***** - RM23(kid), Rm25 (adult),family package (2kids+2adults)
Cleanliness          ...... ***** - each station provides sink & soap
Staff                      ..... ***** - friendly & knowledgeable
Facilities              ..... ***** - cafeteria, photo booth printing (on shirts,mug etc)
Activities            .....***** - pony riding, pets feeding, catch longkang fish

2. overnight at new house @ Puncak Saujana

3. visit ayah @ Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson

4. routine - music class & hospital routine

5. PoTTy - TrainiNg

ibu used medical term to teach me to differentiate.
P.U= pee pee , B.O = poo poo.
she keeps checking every 1 1/2 hour and 15 minutes after i drink water.
B.O was the hardest part at first because i don't know if i want to fart or B.O.haha..sometimes i did B.O in pants -.-' (sorry ibu..)
every night, ibu makes sure i drink milk, P.U after 15 minutes & brushing teeth anddd z..z...z
and now i am proudly announced that i am off diapers!yeay,saya dah besar!hehe

Thursday, 23 May 2013

GetAwaY ^-^

Saturday-18th May 2013

PD,here we come!!'s a short trip arranged by ibu, involved pak long's family, cik dila, nenek and my family. since ayah is there, so we planned to stay at his apartment but last minute, his friend want to stay over the weekend. so we decided to rent another unit of apartment at the same resort.i know it's going to be exciting weekend since Aira & Azeem, my cousins join us too!

i am very satisfied with this trip. why?

1. the pool!!who doesn't like splashing water aite?

2. row row row your boat~at the TF fun fair with Aira

3. the beach! (i wish i can stand like my sister~the one who stand still even the waves crashing on her.aii~brani btul la ini budak)

4. the SAND art!hehe..with my IRON MAN ^-^

p/s: another appointment with ophthalmology on Monday.aii~

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Part 2 : MuSiC CLasS

Saturday-20th May 2013

I had my music class early in the morning today. The best thing is I've got a new friend, Rui Zhen but sadly, my other friends did not join us because they're having school trip to Zoo (My school went there on Mac, will blog about it later k).

Today, we're repeating some activities from last session, The Hello Music Song, Do Re Mi but using more instruments like castanet and bells. Teacher Joanne told me it's important for us to know the tempo, differentiate the high and low notes plus stop when she asked us to do so (I could've imagine if everybody keeps playing the instruments.hehe..chaos for sure). Besides doing the routine songs, I've learn the basic keyboard today! Teacher taught us play and stop song and differentiate the black and white much in love with my music class.sing a lot, play a lot and dance a lot.hehe..

p/s: sometimes Teacher speaks Mandarin, feels like apek la pulak kan ^-^

p/p/s: sorry for the bad quality movement were too fast to catch, yes ibu?

Sunday, 19 May 2013

occupational therapy (OT)

Friday-17th May 2013

I had my 2nd *occupational therapy (OT) today. basically OT is a treatment for people like me to develop the living and work skills. Because i am a premature baby with (not-so-good) medical history that delayed me milestones from others (i still can't step up and down stairs on my own, i can't holding a pencil and tracing lines, i can't even colour picture in shape except scribble everywhere..sigh), so mom decided to bring me to Inde Brain December last year; which located at Johor Bahru, owned by somebody trusted (hehe) to do a test.The result = i am delayed a year!

Mom tried her best, get the report, and finally got to slot me in the therapy at HUKM. I've done my first therapy with Teacher Ira (thats what I called her..nice young lady anyway =) ). I've build towers, made a chain of alphabetical dices, arranged shapes in orders, arranged beads according to its colors. i love this class, although i'm still shaky at the moment, but Teacher Ira was so patient with me.hehe

Through the 2nd session, Teacher Seri joined us. She did a test on me to see my progress since mom has send me to school, music and OT class. and the result was so much better than we're expected!i've succeed to close the gap to 7 months instead of 1 years gap on the last test. Alhamdulillah, all the hardwork had paid off, and i can see the smile on my mom's face ^-^. Chaiyok ammar!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

HarMonY rOad MusiC coUrse

seems like ibu did not satisfied with my progress..haih~besides of attending my school everyday, i have to (COMPULSARY actually..) join the SPEECH THERAPY & OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY at HUKM every month, and now ibu registered me for another class; HARMONY ROAD MUSIC COURSE at JJ Pianoforte. great ^-^, my schedule is very pack u know..

the class will be commence every tuesday. so, yesterday was the first session. i had 6 classmates; ethan, claudia, double XIA, john and damia. my music teachers are Joanne and Shu Xian (am i spell it right?hehe). ibu paid RM195 (for the musical kit consists 3 activity books with CD), RM100 (for monthly fees) and RM 20 (for registration). ibu said, 'maintainance ammar mmg pricey'.haha..i knw deep inside, ibu just want the best for me, to see me grows up normally like others ^-^

got stickers for doing well ^-^

at first, i thought i am going to play piano or guitar (because Cik Dila is joining the guitar class at the same place) but, daydreaming huh ammar? hehe..for the beginner like me, teacher taught us how to differentiate the low and high notes +  listen and play the musical instruments (tambourine and sticks) based on the tempo +  move and dance according to the tune. and guess what, at the end, i really enjoyed the class..thanks mom for signing me in!hehe..

p/s: i played well, xcaya? tengok nih ^-^

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

bye2 suture ^-^

H*&^ surgery clinic [23 april 2013]

ibu said today the doc will take off my suture from the operation. i felt nervous and throwing out tantrum since we arrived at the hospital. i knew this going to be a nightmare for me.10 am, the nurse told ibu that they'll sedate me with medicine. overheard my mom laughing when the nurse told her, they're going to sedate me with 80ml chloral hydrate. hey,give me something strongerla..i've immune with that sedative.hehe..

well,they decided to give me that,telan jela kan?hehe..2 hours,i still can play and sing without fall asleep.the nurse call the doc,so the doc said do it straight awayt.okaayyy..there were 5 people holding me while the doc tried hard to let go the suture off my head and stomach.i can say,the pain was unbearable.i cried my lungs out calling my mom and asked the doc to stop doing it.i knew my mom starts feeling dizzy when the bloods stream down from my head.even the doc asked my mom to stay outside if she can't handle it.but ibu was tougher than i thought.she didn't let me go,keep holding & calming me down & sometimes she face the wall, maybe try to keep herself on the ground..

after an hour being struggling with them, finally everything was over. i stop crying and shake hands with them and quickly asked my mom to carry me..well well, i knew i am heavy but i was totally out of energy,tired of crying, i guess.

i fall asleep until we arrived home..what a tiring day -.-'